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Christine Taylor Photography


Come soon to see the new Hand-Eye Supply space pre-build out. It never looked so good. Party this Thursday 6-9 on Broadway and Glisan on the edge of The Pearl District.

A sneak peek inside one HALF of the new Hand-Eye Supply.

A new poster is completed and launches the start of a new era for Hand-Eye Supply.

So its been a few years since I started working with Hand-Eye Supply on Makers in the Modern Era… okay wow - 4 years ago. I was new to Portland then. A lot has changed in this wonderful city I still feel lucky to call my home (even though I came from the the NE, but was born and raised in Seattle - hey I hold season Timbers tickets, dont worrry). I digress. Anyhow - I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but in October Hand-Eye Supply is expanding into a MUCH bigger space on the edge of The Pearl, near Hive, across the street from the new PNCA location on Glisan. Its VERY exciting and we are presently in the depths of all that goes into undertaking a new building x10; with artists, construction design, branding, website, etc. Until recently, there have been a handful of us here working PT, and doing the best we can to get the word out about HES - something we are passionate about. We believe in makers, we also believe in people. We have a great community around the globe, and its been really cool contributing to it not only as a business, but as members who support our friends out there doing what they believe in doing - like us. My time at HES has altered how I work, who I work with, and why I make. Its been 4 years of growth. THIS THURSDAY, we’re having a party at the new space - well its in the garage. You will get a peep of the new retail side of things, while hanging out with us, food, drink, and music in the area where we will have our beautiful workshop, studio, Curiosity Club and more. Here’s the invite. Its our way of saying thank you. Oh yah, this poster is FREE at the party too!


Anyone recognize Annie? What a beauty. Here for #kimberlybakerjewelry in Seattle.

You’ve seen final edits of these but outtakes are coming now.
Back in the saddle. Model the lovely @keely_taruc wardrobe styling by @samanthalmx and hair/makeup (always flawless) by @tabibastyles assisted by @featherpony


There’s a@very nice exhibit of worthy photography shot with film and hand printed on gorgeous paper at Red Clouds Collective by Brooklyn (formerly Portland) artist Jason Levins is a must see Poetrtlanders. Also get a beautiful print for a ridiculously low price at like $60 frames in lovely minimalist but cool metal clip style framing. Really. You know I know I wouldn’t let you stray - do this and add to or start your art collection. I signed up to buy all 7 of his independent released books of photography - cause I collect that stuff. Go have a look tonight and meet him in person. It’s up through the month. #jasonlevins #redcloudscollective #happyplayground

So what’s this supposed to mean?

If it looks like a heart, it IS a heart. #treeheart

Found this this morning. Photo by #christinetaylorphotography dress by #annatelcs styling by #samanthalemieux hair/makeup by #abibatdurosimi model is #sarahschroeder

Object love: yard sale find, vintage ceramic mugs $1 ea.

I was having some fun with a really cool new line of Japanese made toolboxes the other day.  This is a peek of what we did.


The new Trusco toolbox are keeping our hearts well organized. Available now.

Lewis and Clark pool.

Last bundle of outtakes from the Double Plus Good portrait shoot for their web design.  Fun day! 

These are the upside-down groups so a little eerie, disoriented, and ethereal.