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Christine Taylor Photography


Hey look an interview I did with Seattle’s #whatisnews - very honored to be asked to do this. Copy & paste the link to have a quick read.

The new business cards have arrived!

Fashion designer Rachel Ancliffe strutting her textures. One oft best PDX buds showing how she even has thoughtful & creative style in her most casual wears. Inspiration. Thanks @ancliffe for all you do.

Feeling so utter inspired by the show at The Frye I saw today. Do posting a fee works by my man @mrlazarus - powerful and meaningful and you need to know it if you’ve not see. It yet.

A must see exhibition in Seattle at The Frye Museum, called ‘Your Feast Has Ended’. This thoughtful and important piece is just one of many apparel pieces featured by Nep Sidhu a member of Black Constellation.

From a shoot in Milwaukee - football.  Staged here, as you can tell,for MKE.

Art Direction: Katherine Bryja

Photographer :Christine Taylor

Hair and makeup: Bjorn Nassett

Model and actor: John Ruby

Some snap shots from our vacation to the Oregon Coast a month back. I took it easy on shooting this time; its important to live life and be present when with people so I practice putting the camera down as much as shooting for pleasure too.  

You do find yourself thinking - oh I should have brought that lens, or ah - I want to be shooting… but I’ve found maintaining balance is what keeps me ever-connected to the human condition.

Outtake from yesterday’s shoot. See the little folder in the middle? It’s a pic of a pic on my desktop. #denimcampaign #happyplayground #savagemodels #monikergoods #handeyesupply

Meet one of the best photo assistants in town - Morgan Greene-Hopkins. Hit him up @mghmode if you need someone on a photo shoot.

In location w @savage_models Ryan Courter for Hand-Eye Supply.

Damien Gilley.


What’s this you ask? THIS is my new collection of works by Brooklyn photographer Jason Levins. You can see his exhibit of work at the Red Clouds Collective HQ in Portland. The one in Oregon where else? Support independent publishing! #jasonlevins #redcloudscollective

Seriously now.